Acceleration Sessions

Zero-cost engagements to support development and operation teams in identifying specific areas of focus for accelerating their cloud native journeys.


Led by Biqmind Specialists, the sessions help frame organizational readiness, our half-day acceleration sessions discuss specific challenges/pain points and identify potential pilot projects to get things moving to the next level, fast.

Typical Use Cases

  • Transitions to managed Kubernetes platforms such as Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS)
  • App modernization and innovation of legacy systems and architectures
  • CI/CD pipeline design and implementation


  • Short and sharp session to ignite and kickstart cloud native development and transformation
  • Fresh perspective and advice on your use cases from certified specialists in relevant domains with real project experience
  • Concrete actions and ideas for you to drive your cloud native project forward

Session Outcomes

  • Specific conclusions, actions and next steps
  • Supporting documentation

Who Should Attend

  • Technical Leads
    • Software
    • DevOps
    • Architecture
    • Infrastructure


  • Each session is 2-4 hours long depending on your specific needs
  • Can be run on site or virtually to accommodate remote teams

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