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Scale your team’s Kubernetes Adoption


Alibaba Cloud and Biqmind would like to invite you to a free half day acceleration session to help your team map out how it can make the most of your Kubernetes implementation.

Biqmind Half Day Acceleration Sessions are zero-cost engagements to support development and operations teams in identifying specific areas of focus for accelerating their cloud-native journeys. Led by Biqmind Specialists, the sessions help frame organizational readiness, discuss specific challenges/pain points and identify potential pilot projects to get things moving to the next level, fast.


  • Transitions to managed Kubernetes platforms such as Container Service for Kubernetes (ACK) by Alibaba Cloud
  • App modernization and innovation of legacy systems and architectures
  • CI/CD pipeline design and implementation for ACK


  • Short and sharp session to ignite and kickstart cloud-native development and transformation
  • Fresh perspective and advice on your use cases from certified specialists in relevant cloud-native domains with real project experience
  • Concrete actions and ideas for you to drive your cloud-native project forward

Terms & Conditions:

  • Slots are allocated on a first come first serve and relevant requirements basis. Biqmind reserves the right to reject any applications.
  • Session duration will vary depending on specific company requirements but is free per company only up to 4 hours.
  • Session is run via a video call
  • Service does not include any implementation work
  • Permanent cancellations apply for no-shows without notification

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