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Transition your organization to an API-focused approach with Azure API Management

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During this engagement, experienced Biqmind specialists take your development team through what is required for your organization to transition to an API-focused approach, how API lifecycles can be managed with Azure API Management and build out a fully tested API.

An enterprise API strategy is a critical digital transformation pillar to improve connectivity, increasing agility, productivity, and innovation delivery across the enterprise.

To ensure rolling out a successful enterprise-wide API strategy, two things are critical at the onset. Development teams working on the APIs need to fully understand the possibilities as well as risks in moving to an API-focused approach. At the same time, to increase API adoption and reduce risks, organizations should use a proven and scalable platform.

Azure API Management enables organizations to design, secure, publish, scale, and observe APIs across cloud and on-premise; making them discoverable and consumable by both internal, partner and public developers. Organizations can manage all their APIs through a single pane of glass and streamline workflows across hybrid and multi-cloud environments.


  • Create an initial blueprint for API infrastructure
  • Gain working understanding of API Lifecycle Management with Azure API Management
  • Get hands-on experience in building and securing APIs


  • 10 days


Assess & Plan


  • Identify objectives and business case
  • Understand current team API skill sets
  • Identify an app to build your first APIs using Azure API Management


  • API Strategy
  • Roadmap for the APIs
  • API build plan



  • Overview of API Lifecycle Management with Azure API Management
  • Distributed API management
  • API protection through authentication, authorization, and usage limits
  • API mocking
  • API revisions and versioning
  • Automated API documentation
  • API discoverability
  • Transforming legacy web services into modern REST-based APIs


  • Hands on experience with API development



Set up infrastructure

  • Cloud & Hybrid
  • Automation
  • CI/CD
  • SOA practices like runtime visibility
  • Impact analysis


  • Best practices for API (REST vs SOAP)
  • API specifications (use of Swagger)
  • API Governance/Lifecycle



How to protect APIs through authorization and authentication

  • Protect APIs with keys and tokens
  • Enforce fine-grain quotas and rate limits
  • Safely connect on-premises APIs to the cloud


  • Guide for an effective API design based on security patterns and principles



  • Build out first API via a bootcamp approach Build out first APIs through a bootcamp approach
  • Carry out endpoint testing with Postman or other applicable tools
  • Create working specifications with Swagger


  • Hands on development of APIs
  • Sample application running APIs on Azure API Management
  • Handover documentation

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