Azure Kubernetes Environment Setup

Set up a new Kubernetes environment without the hassle. Let Biqmind’s certified experts enable your team to plan, deploy and validate a well-managed environment for Kubernetes on Azure quickly and easily.

Biqmind is a certified Microsoft Gold Partner


Deploying onto a new platform is always challenging. Common pain points range from integration with existing infrastructure to security and deployment complexity. Deployments may require custom solutions for Load Balancing and Ingress or different tools to enable Continuous Deployment and Delivery.

Biqmind has developed Kubernetes environment blueprints to help teams new to cloud-native get out of the starting block quickly. Encompassing industry best practices and refined through the experience of our Azure certified experts, these blueprints provide a scalable, modular approach to creating a well-managed Kubernetes environment on Azure based on a core set of design principles for fundamental areas and components. 

We ensure your Kubernetes environment is built fit for purpose right from the start, across areas such as Identity, Networking, Resource Grouping, Compute, Storage, Data, Security, Logging & Monitoring, CI/CD Pipelines, Automation and Naming Standards.


  • Set up a well-managed Kubernetes environment based on industry best practices in a short time
  • Ensure your team is equipped to operate and scale your new Azure environment



  • Time required: 2-3 weeks depending on customer requirements
  • Cost: USD $10,000


Assess & Plan


  • Identify objectives and target state
  • Size infrastructure
  • Define prerequisites for implementation
  • Create high-level implementation plan


  • Target state network diagram
  • High-level migration plan



  • Configure Azure services
  • Deploy blueprints
  • Set up target environment


  • Updated target state architecture diagram based on deployment
  • Working environment on Azure



  • Onboard demo application
  • Validate predefined test cases


  • Validation report



  • Conduct environment walkthrough
  • Deliver handover documentation
  • Conduct enablement sessions on operations


  • Handover documentation

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