2-Day Azure Red Hat OpenShift Workshop

This 2-day Azure Red Hat OpenShift workshop will explore working on Azure Red Hat OpenShift (ARO), introduce the concepts of deploying containers, creating projects, users, volumes, quotas and managing these on ARO. Participants of this workshop will gain theoretical knowledge and benefit from hands-on experience of the important OpenShift components, design and deployment concepts and architecting and managing these on ARO.

OpenShift is the next generation Application Hosting platform by Red Hat. It is a leading hybrid cloud, enterprise Kubernetes application platform. OpenShift enables efficient container-orchestration, allowing rapid container provisioning, deploying, scaling, and management. By streamlining and automating the container automation process, OpenShift enables developers to focus on accelerating application development, updates, and product distribution.

Azure Red Hat OpenShift provides a flexible, self-service deployment of fully managed OpenShift clusters. ARO helps to maintain regulatory compliance while you focus on your application development, and your master, infrastructure, and application nodes are patched, updated, and monitored by both Microsoft and Red Hat. ARO also helps to automate source code management, container and application builds, deployments, scaling, health management and more.


Who should attend

  • Developers, Architects, DevOps teams 
  • Number of participants: Max 10
  • Location: Customer premise or hosted


  • Basic knowledge of Git and understanding of containers and container registries such as Docker and Docker hub respectively are beneficial (not part of the workshop)
  • Knowledge of terminal clients and remote operations of Linux systems over SSH
  • Access to a Microsoft Azure account
  • Laptop for hands-on lab


Day 1

  • Introduction to OpenShift and ARO
  • High level architecture of OpenShift
  • Configuration of sandbox environment on Microsoft Azure
  • Overview of OpenShift concepts 
  • Hands-on labs and exercises on projects, users, builds, deployments using source to image (S2I), docker file and docker images

Day 2

  • Concepts of resource allocation, connectivity and storage on ARO 
  • Hands-on lab and exercises on quotas, network, services, routes and persistent storage
  • Concepts of logs, scaling, metrics, monitoring
  • Hands-on lab and exercises on monitoring, auto-scaling, draining a node and health checks

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