Secure your container image supply chain with Biqmind

Set up image scanning and recommend best practices for your Kubernetes-based applications

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Biqmind Secure Container Image Supply Chain Service ensures your Kubernetes-based application workloads are secured and best practices are in place for continuous scanning and fixing.

Securing the application workloads running in your Kubernetes cluster is priority after your cluster has been set up. An important piece to achieving that is securing your container image supply chain. You need to ensure your container images are being pulled from trusted sources and being scanned for vulnerabilities. 

In this service, Biqmind Specialists set up image scanning and recommend best practices for your Kubernetes-based applications.  

The scope of work will encompass choosing base images from trusted third-party sources, recommending best practices for image tagging to deal with semantic changes when it comes both major and minor version changes and set up of continuous image scanning. We will recommend and demonstrate how your team can propagate fixes from a base image. 


Ensure your Kubernetes-based application workloads  are secured and actively being scanned for vulnerabilities


AKS environment in place and operational (This can be fulfilled by the Biqmind Kubernetes Environment Set Up Service)
Biqmind Discovery Workshop to create action plan (chargeable service)


2-3 weeks (depending on customer prerequisites)


Assess & Plan


  • Identify objectives 
  • Assess workloads and infrastructure
  • Define prerequisites for implementation
  • Create high-level implementation plan


  • High-level migration plan



  • Set up and configure scanning tool
  • Set up image propagation for a sample application


  • Journal



  • Validate predefined test cases


  • Validation report



  • Conduct walkthrough using a sample application
  • Run through recommendations and best practices
  • Conduct enablement sessions on operations


  • Sample application
  • Handover documentation

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