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Let Biqmind’s specialists help you reduce the risks , uncertainties, time and money that come with adopting new technologies

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A technical spike is a focused effort to research, investigate, design and prototype solutions. It is an effective tool for reducing risks of a new technical approach, increasing story estimate reliability or understanding and refining a requirement. In this service, Biqmind Specialists run a technical spike on your behalf to reduce risks and uncertainty.

Oftentimes, teams venture down the path of technical spikes in order to acquire knowledge on a particular new technology, do a deep dive on a specific element of new technology or define a new approach to an overall solution.

If teams have little or no experience in the new technology, a technical spike can become a long and costly undertaking.

Biqmind Specialists are able to help reduce risks , uncertainties, time and money that come with adopting new technologies by running a technical spike on your behalf.

A technical spike is an agile method designed to reduce risk and uncertainty. It is a time-boxed interval during which Biqmind Specialists identify the immediate objectives, conduct a review of the current status, define the target state and identify implementation workstreams.  Within a 2-week sprint, our Specialists research, investigate, design and prototype solutions for your specific challenge and produce concrete recommendations for moving forward with your transformation goals. 

Working with Biqmind Specialists, you benefit from deep, cross-functional experience in agile product and cloud-native project delivery. Our team has vast experience in enabling organizations to transition and implement Agile, DevSecOps and container-based application development.


Reduce risk and uncertainty
Obtain concrete recommendations
Reduced time commitment
Improve story estimation accuracy 


Biqmind Discovery Workshop to create action plan (chargeable service)


10 days




  • Identify objectives 
  • Understand background
  • Plan sprint


  • Sprint backlog



  • Develop, test and review approaches
  • Document findings


  • Sprint journal
  • Technical evaluation report
Artboard 6

Review & Acceptance


  • Spike demonstration
  • Share findings
  • Define next steps


  • Formal presentation
  • Final technical evaluation report with recommendations

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