CAPE software radically simplifies critical Kubernetes functionality around disaster recovery, multi-cluster application deployment and data mobility.

Singapore, 17 August 2020 – Biqmind, a specialist in cloud-native software and services, today officially introduced CAPE, software designed to help DevOps and Development teams accelerate scaling Kubernetes by radically simplifying how they fulfil enterprise application requirements in Kubernetes in areas such as disaster recovery, multi-cluster application deployment and data protection.

Developers are frustrated by the steep learning curve and confusing array of supporting tools for Kubernetes. With CAPE, we are solving fundamental challenges slowing teams down in scaling Kubernetes for their organizations.

CAPE abstracts critical Kubernetes and data management tasks required of enterprise applications to a single control plane with “point-and-click” simplicity. Teams using CAPE can focus on scaling Kubernetes to deliver real business impact.
Mark Mooney, Chief Operating Officer and Head of Product of Biqmind

CAPE enables “Clusters Across Platforms & Environments”. CAPE’s central control plane, provides access to advanced Kubernetes functionality for Disaster Recovery, Data Migration & Mobility, Multi-cluster Application Deployment and CI/CD.

CAPE supports all major cloud platforms, on-premise, and edge environments. It can also be used with both self-managed or managed versions of Kubernetes platforms such as Red Hat OpenShift .

CAPE has been added to the CNCF Cloud Native Landscape under the App Definition & Development Category.  

CAPE dashboard

CAPE is available via CAPE.SH and can be deployed through popular platforms such as GitHub, Helm, Docker Hub, Ansible and Azure. Full details here.

About Biqmind

Biqmind provides specialist services and software tools to accelerate cloud-native software development through technologies including Biqmind CAPE, Kubernetes, and popular container platforms. Biqmind is a CNCF Member, Microsoft Certified Gold Partner and Red Hat APAC Business Partner for Professional Services. Visit and follow @biqmind on Twitter for 
more information.

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