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Protecting Oil Field Workers Through OpenShift

LanternEdge is a provider of intelligent technology solutions for harsh and hazardous environments. The company identified an opportunity to address location positioning in remote sites and where there is low to no internet connectivity. Biqmind created Lantern Positioning, a combination of cloud-native software, ruggedized industry certified edge server hardware and IOT devices. Lantern Software, a microservices architected, OpenShift based platform, brings the reliability and speed of cloud-native software to distributed remote sites without the need for IT/OT personnel, or data center level communications.


Deploying Video-On-Demand Streaming on the Cloud

Zchwantech is a provider of dynamic IT infrastructure solutions to enterprises and SMEs across Southeast Asia. They had a video streaming service targeted for rollout in the region. To ensure they could meet current and future demand, they saw a need to identify a specialist partner to design and deploy the video on-demand streaming solution on a proven cloud platform. Alibaba Cloud was selected as the cloud platform of choice given its security, robustness and availability in the target markets; Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and Vietnam.

Streaming Video On Demand

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