Protecting Oil Field Workers Through OpenShift

Enterprise class safety & productivity solution for harsh and hazardous conditions


LanternEdge is a provider of intelligent technology solutions for harsh and hazardous environments. The company identified an opportunity to address location positioning in harsh and hazardous conditions. Industries from oil & gas, process industries, marine, mining to heavy engineering share common challenges of locating personnel and assets in remote sites and where there is low to no internet connectivity.

The current status quo is often manual or through cumbersome legacy technology. Existing solutions are too complicated and/or expensive and cannot support distributed cloud architectures without extensive customization.

Based on their experience in cloud native application development, microservices, Kubernetes and Red Hat OpenShift, Biqmind Specialist Services was tasked to reimagine an integrated solution from the ground up.

Business Challenges

  • Existing solutions in the market are expensive, complicated to deploy and not extendable
  • Low, non-existent or unreliable connectivity in remote and off-shore locations
  • Harsh and hazardous environments require specialized rugged equipment
  • Companies with a regional/global footprint require solutions using modern delivery methods supported and secured at an enterprise level


Biqmind created Lantern Positioning which comprises cloud-native software with ruggedized industry certified edge server hardware and IOT devices.

The Lantern Software, a microservices architected, OpenShift based platform, brings the reliability and speed of cloud-native software to distributed remote sites without the need for IT/OT personnel, or data center level communications.

Administrators have a single pane to quickly locate where workers and assets are within a single site or across locations. Native DevOps tooling further ensures quality and secured releases to multiple locations with minimal intervention.

Data center level servers designed and built to meet the harsh reality of true edge computing in remote and off-shore locations bring the power of cloud-native and OpenShift. Certified ruggedized equipment create self-healing mesh networks which reduces cost and complication of installation. 


  • As an open hybrid platform, the software facilitates additional solutions, new customizations or integration with existing business solutions without technology or platform lock-in
  • Use of Red Hat OpenShift ensures enterprise quality and security
  • An MQTT bus run on a microservice architecture supports common sensor types and data operations across multiple sites and environments
  • Clustering and HA features allows for mini data centers to be robustly deployed directly on remote sites
  • In-built support for multiple IoT radio protocols facilitates adoption across diverse sites
  • Cost-effective: Self-forming and self-healing mesh network reduces high costs and complications of installation
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