Deploying Video On-Demand Streaming on Trusted Cloud Platforms

Implementing faster, smoother processes with the right expertise


Zchwantech is a provider of dynamic IT infrastructure solutions to enterprises and SMEs across Southeast Asia. They had a video streaming service targeted for rollout in the region. To ensure they could meet current and future demand, they saw a need to identify a specialist partner to design and deploy the video on-demand streaming solution on a proven cloud platform. Alibaba Cloud was selected as the cloud platform of choice given its security, robustness and availability in the target markets; Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and Vietnam.

Zchwantech chose to work with Biqmind Specialist Services as the implementation partner for this project due to the team’s in-depth understanding of cloud-native application development and certified personnel (Cloud Architect, Consultants and Project Managers). 

Business Challenges

  • Lack of relevant skill sets in cloud-native architecture, DevOps and infrastructure
  • Faster and smoother content streaming across Southeast Asian countries
  • Multiple file formats and encoding Integration with existing content management platform
  • Secure authenticated streams


  • Scalable and robust solution designed and deployed on Alibaba Cloud
  • Excellent playback experience at different variables (bit rates/definitions/formats)
  • Support for auto scaling and reduced maintenance costs
  • Training and on-boarding for the Zchwantech team to operate and maintain service

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