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Can your existing IT infrastructure support your rapidly evolving business needs? Are legacy environments resulting in sluggish delivery of applications and services?

Business demands are placing a growing burden on IT teams to scale and extend their digital ecosystems. An optimized cloud environment provides your business with a springboard to develop, deploy and manage applications with greater flexibility, higher efficiency and better performance, more cost-effectively. 

However common challenges hold many companies back from accelerating their cloud strategy. Factors such as skills gaps, enterprise IT compliance, security, business continuity and data migration requirements continue to impede progress. 

With our team of certified cloud specialists, you are leveraging extensive field experience to ensure your cloud migration projects are rolled out efficiently and effectively. 


Migration Scenarios:

cloud to cloud migration

Cloud to Cloud

on-prem to cloud migration

On-prem to Cloud


Assess and Plan

  • Create an inventory of all workloads based on assessment of complexities and underlying infrastructure
  • Identify workloads that can be refactored or retired
  • Understand organizational governance and security policies
  • Analyse current and target landscape around business continuity, availability and disaster recovery strategies
  • Create cloud migration roadmaps based on the organization’s business objectives and stakeholder needs


  • Conduct detailed analysis on individual workloads
    • Identify strategies to migrate based on business continuity requirements and complexity
    • Map workload migration opportunities (IaaS, PaaS)
    • Identify and detail deliverables, timelines, effort estimates and acceptance criteria
  • Deploy a target platform, with the relevant tools and framework in preparation for the migration
  • Validate the migration using sample production workloads
  • Execute the migration at scale based on the planned roadmap
  • Define and conduct acceptance tests


  • Integrate with monitoring and logging solutions available from the cloud provider
  • Enhance network, infrastructure and application availability and performance
  • Improve capacity planning to meet the growing demands of business
  • Increase predictability in cost of operations and implement defined controls


  • Conduct walkthroughs and retrospectives
  • Deliver handover documentation to the relevant stakeholders

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