CNCF Silver Member
Linux Foundation Member

Biqmind is excited to announce that we are now a silver member of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) and Linux Foundation (LF)

As a CNCF silver member, we are looking forward to contributing to CNCF projects and playing an active role in developing the cloud native ecosystem.

We kick things off this Thursday, 9 July, with a webinar for the Cloud Native Singapore Meetup Group on “Velero and Beyond: Backup & Restore of Kubernetes Applications”. Learn more and sign up here.

Biqmind also recently soft launched CAPE, a software that simplifies advanced Kubernetes multi-cluster application and data management. The idea for CAPE was borne out of the developer community’s experience with the steep learning curve required to master Kubernetes. CAPE simplifies scaling Kubernetes in production and closes skill gaps by providing advanced Kubernetes functionality for Disaster Recovery, Data Migration & Mobility, Multi-cluster Application Deployment and CI/CD within a single, intuitive interface. Try CAPE for free at CAPE.SH.  

See the announcement on CNCF Blog

About Biqmind

Biqmind is on a mission to make life easier for companies, teams and developers seeking to be cloud-native. We provide specialist services and software tools to accelerate cloud-native software development through technologies including Biqmind CAPE, Kubernetes, and container platforms such as Red Hat OpenShift and Azure Kubernetes Service. We enable execution of new approaches and augment skills, closing the gaps that are holding back strategies to push ahead with transformation and application modernization efforts.

About Cloud Native Computing Foundation

Cloud native computing empowers organizations to build and run scalable applications with an open source software stack in public, private, and hybrid clouds. CNCF hosts critical components of the global technology infrastructure, including Kubernetes, Prometheus, and Envoy. CNCF brings together the industry’s top developers, end users, and vendors, and runs the largest open source developer conferences in the world. Supported by more than 550 members, including the world’s largest cloud computing and software companies, as well as over 200 innovative startups, CNCF is part of the nonprofit Linux Foundation. For more information, please visit

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