Love our ongoing Cloud Native Project of the Week series? In this week’s feature, learn about how Biqmind Specialists worked with a trade finance client to build a production-grade Kubernetes environment for their new blockchain-based digital service.

The Challenge 

A trade finance enablement company were ready to unveil their digital service to simplify letter of credit issuance and management. They had built the solution on a specific blockchain technology platform, and were looking to release the service into production on their Azure environment, specifically through Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS). However, they faced a lack of internal AKS expertise to manage the migration and ensure a secure, enterprise-grade production environment was in place. 

Our Approach 

Biqmind Specialists assessed the client’s current challenges across from people, process and technology angles. We identified enabling a production grade service on AKS and resource augmentation to support and improve DevOps practices as key areas we would focus on.

Our specialists: 

  • Audited the existing solution for potential issues in deployment, security and infrastructure provisioning
  • Defined and set up new target architecture with client’s operational input to ensure secure traffic management, availability, monitoring and logging in place
  • Improved existing Terraform scripts to integrate Azure Monitoring, Azure Application Gateway and Log Analytics Workspace
  • Resolved security and permission issues for Azure Container Registry (ACR)
  • Proposed and implemented improvements to application deployment process, security and tooling
  • Documented changes and did knowledge transfers with client team 


The new environment was configured for auto-scaling to maximize infrastructure usage cost efficiently. Some other improvements carried out include traffic optimization and security, monitoring & logging implementation and database separation. With the new architecture and environment in place, and their team trained to run it, the client could confidently go live with and officially launch their new digital service. 

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