In this edition of our Cloud Native Project of the Week series, our Biqmind specialists delved into cloud migration and implementation of DevOps for the financial services sector.

The Challenge 

A leading credit reporting agency had an existing on-prem ordering web application. With a growing user base and the addition of new features, there were performance bottlenecks. The client looked to Biqmind to improve application performance and scaling capabilities.

Our Approach 

Through a Discovery Workshop with the client’s IT team, we clarified and prioritized challenges. In mapping out the current deployment process, we also better understood where deploying and testing new features had become unwieldy for developers.

Leveraging tools such as Cloud Pilot, the team assessed the existing web application for cloud readiness. We provided the client with a detailed report on mandatory and recommended fixes, a new architecture and a list of relevant Azure services required. Azure App Service was selected being a managed service for hosting web applications and for its built-in capabilities to auto scale on-mand. To get deeper insights on the performance bottlenecks root causes, we further set up continuous monitoring with application insights.  

Based on the agreed action plan, our specialists then:

  • Set up the Azure landing zone
  • Provided guidance on web application fixes
  • Set up and configured Azure DevOps services
  • Ran daily stand-up and review sessions
  • Validated the new environment and enabled smoother day 2 operations


The Azure-based application delivers substantial performance improvements and the capability to scale on-demand. The client can now also look forward to reduced infrastructure and resources cost and much faster deployment cycles with Azure DevOps in place.  

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