In this edition of our Cloud Native Project of the Week series, our Biqmind specialists worked with a Human Resource (HR) consultancy looking to modernize their legacy app infrastructure and improve multi-tenancy support.

The Challenge 

A Human Resource (HR) consultancy and provider of HR technology solutions was looking to accelerate time to market and on-board new customers more rapidly. To make this happen, they wanted to modernize the underlying app infrastructure and improve multi-tenancy support within the app . The company was also looking to improve developer productivity through automation and Continuous Delivery. 

Our Approach 

We started out with a discovery workshop to uncover the client’s actual needs. This allowed us to better understand the client’s business priorities and current pain points. The legacy application was on an older technology stack and had limitations supporting scaling and multi-tenancy. The objective was to containerize the application and move the workloads into a managed Kubernetes platform to improve the multi-tenancy provisioning whilst reducing Kubernetes operations management. The team had some experience with cloud services but needed guidance on setting up and moving onto a managed Kubernetes environment. We scoped out an implementation plan to execute a full proof of concept.

Biqmind specialists: 

  • Deployed and configured cloud services
  • Prepared and migrated the app onto a managed Kubernetes platform
  • Set up DevOps best practices with CI/CD pipeline
  • Prepared and migrated the application database to a managed SQL service
  • Validated and verified the functionality of the migrated app
  • Documented and transferred knowledge to the client team, allowing for a seamless transition of the app into a new environment


The Biqmind team was able to provide the client team with a containerized application running on Kubernetes with the capabilities to scale and isolate deployments to support multi-tenancy. With the customer on-boarding time drastically reduced, the client team can serve additional customers more efficiently. They further anticipate a significant increase in developer velocity and a reduction in infrastructure and resource related costs.

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