Our Specialist Services team has been busy! Through a brand new series of posts, we will be sharing what they have been up to. First up: our latest project about cloud app migration in the shipping and logistics industry. 

The Challenge 

The client, a leading shipping and logistics firm, is looking to cloud native for faster release cycles and the ability to scale compute resources on demand. The current global situation has further provided impetus for their applications to be moved to the cloud for easier setup and management as the IT team moves to remote working arrangements.

Our Approach 

After understanding the client’s needs and existing environment, we recommended they start with a proof-of-concept (POC) to get comfortable with cloud native operations before moving other applications. With an end-to-end POC, the client team can better understand the benefits, risks and resources required to operate their applications in the cloud. The client team identified an existing on-prem application for this POC. The chosen application is an ideal candidate for a POC having a stable code base, important but simple functionality and no critical customer data.

We assessed the application to assess its cloud readiness and implications of moving the application to Azure. We then migrated the application to Azure App Service, and shifted the associated databases into Azure SQL. To improve developer velocity and enable more frequent updates, the team is setting up a CI/CD pipeline via Azure DevOps. We will then validate the app functionality before working through a thorough knowledge transfer with the client team.

Key Learnings

  • Select a straightforward and low risk application for a POC 
  • Do a thorough assessment of the existing application. Cloud migration may seem straightforward but the devil is often in the details. 
  • Leverage native platform tools: Azure’s rich ecosystem of services and tools simplify many manual tasks 

Looking to jumpstart your cloud native journey?

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