Address critical cloud native challenges through Biqmind’s specialist expertise and software tools. We work across Philippines, Singapore, Indonesia and Malaysia.

How our workshops are different

Structured approach with proven methods

Low time & cost commitment

Defined outcome in a short time frame

Strong foundation for advanced transformation

Discovery Workshops

Define practical goals, use cases and action plans for your cloud native transformation within 1 to 3 days

We help teams kickstart their cloud native journey and cover crucial transformation topics that are not widely understood, such as Containerization, Microservices, App Modernization, Cloud Native Applications, DevSecOps and Kubernetes.

Leverage today’s best workshop methodologies to rapidly work out your transformation goals and create clearly defined use cases and accompanying action plans.

Who should attend

These workshops are targeted at teams moving from “zero-to-one” in transformation. Our workshops can be technology or industry specific.

Learn how our Discovery Workshop helped accelerate the IT application and deployment processes of a leading insurance company.

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Technology Workshops

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Architecture Workshops

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Accelerate your cloud native journey with Biqmind

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