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Microsoft Azure Virtual Training Day: Developing Cloud Native Applications on Azure

4 Dec 2020, 11am – 4pm | Webinar
Developers are always under pressure to build and deliver faster, even as apps get more and more complex. Now is the time to look at how Azure can get you started on developing cloud native applications and learn about the tools and technologies that help support your applications effectively for performance, scaling and maintenance in the long run. Biqmind’s Technical Software Director Andrew Whiteside will be presenting this half-day event for Microsoft Azure covering 5 key areas to get started on developing cloud native applications.

Microsoft Azure Virtual Training Day - 4 Dec 2020

Simplifying App Deployment & Data Management for Your K8s Clusters

Presented 3 Dec 2020
As the number of your clusters grow, app deployment and data management can get complicated. In this presentation with Meetup Madness, Biqmind’s Head Software Architect Chak looks at challenges and possible solutions. He will do a practical demo of CAPE, a new tool for multi cluster app deployment and data management, that makes life easier when it comes to working with Kubernetes applications and data across multiple platforms and environments.

Webinar: Simplifying app deployment and data management for your Kubernetes clusters

API World 2020: Optimizing Microservices Development in Kubernetes

Presented 28 Oct 2020
Biqmind’s Head Software Architect Chakradhar Jonagam conducted a workshop at the virtual API World 2020 conference looking at the challenges of Kubernetes-based microservices development, possible tooling and approaches that help developers with inner loop development leveraging kubernetes but without the need for understanding advanced concepts in depth.

API World 2020 - Speaker: Chakradhar Jonagam

Automate Your Cloud Infrastructure Deployments with Terraform

Broadcasted 3 Sep 2020
Biqmind Enablement Director Vinod Narayanankutty shared about the benefits of “Infrastructure-as-code” and how you can automate your cloud infrastructure deployments. He also took a deep dive into Terraform, a leading solution and demonstrate how it enables the creation of reproducible infrastructure and accelerates productivity for infrastructure deployments on Alibaba Cloud, as well as how to scale deployment for other use cases such as Disaster Recovery and Multi-cloud Deployment.

Alibaba Cloud Webinar: Automate your cloud infrastructure deployments with Terraform

AllThingsConnected – Industry 4.0: Transforming Manufacturing

Broadcasted 27 Aug 2020
Biqmind COO Mark Mooney joined leaders from Festo Didactic SE and Wabag in this virtual thought leadership series by AllThingsConnected about accelerating digital transformation in critical and harsh manufacturing environments.

AllThingsConnected - Industry 4.0: Transforming Manufacturing

Alibaba Cloud x HCS Conversation Series: GoCloud! How Easy It Can Be

Broadcasted 20 Aug 2020
Biqmind participated in this panel discussion organized by Alibaba Cloud with HCS Academy sharing more about GoCloud Native and inspiring stories of other companies’ GoCloud Native journeys.

HCS Conversation Series: Go Cloud 20 Aug 2020

Velero and Beyond: Backup and Restore for Kubernetes Applications

Broadcasted 9 July 2020 | Recording Available
In this session organized with Cloud Native Singapore, we discuss how to use Velero for data migration and disaster recovery, the challenges and approaches. We also demo CAPE, a cloud-native tool by Biqmind that extends the capabilities of Velero for Kubernetes multi-cluster application and data management.

[Cloud Native Singapore Webinar] Velero and Beyond: Backup & Restore for Kubernetes Applications

Onboarding Enterprise Applications to Azure Red Hat OpenShift 4

On-Demand Webinar
Hear from experts from Microsoft, Red Hat and Biqmind about onboarding your enterprise applications to Azure Red Hat OpenShift 4 and get the latest insights on platform advantages, capabilities and best practices.

Onboarding Enterprise Applications in ARO

Simplifying Application & Data Migration to Container Engine for Kubernetes, Alibaba Cloud (ACK)

Broadcasted 4 June 2020 | Recording Available
In this session we will discuss challenges when it comes to application and data migration for ACK. We will demonstrate the use of CAPE by Biqmind, a cloud-native tool that helps ease operational overheads across multiple ACK clusters.

ACK Live Webinar 4 June
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