In this edition of our Cloud Native Project of the Week series, our Biqmind specialists helped accelerate the IT application and deployment processes of a leading insurance company.

The Challenge 

The Singapore division of a leading insurer was facing a highly competitive and disruptive space. They needed to enable advanced digital services to deliver new products and services at lower cost and at greater speed. To move forward on these outcomes, the client commissioned Biqmind to do a holistic review of people, process & architecture, and identify how DevOps and Agile approaches could be used to accelerate the IT application development and deployment process.

Our Approach 

Biqmind Specialists leveraged our Discovery Workshop methodology to bring IT stakeholders across departments together. Our specialists: 

  • Reviewed existing IT project management processes and workflows and recommended optimization
  • Trained infrastructure and application development teams on agile development methods


Biqmind provided the client with a clear understanding of the potential organizational impact from the implementation of agile methodologies in their day to day work. By breaking down the client’s broad objectives into concrete streams of work, Biqmind’s specialists were able to identify focused use cases for further implementation, including:

  • Proof-of-concepts for supporting Enterprise Test Management & Automation and bug-tracking applications
  • Coaching and mentoring on core Agile methodologies: Product Ownership, Quality and Test Creation


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