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Biqmind’s team of certified specialists can enable your teams to containerize and onboard applications and workloads to Red Hat® OpenShift® unlocking its benefits to rapidly deliver business value.

With benefits of increased development speed and scalability, containers are becoming the de-facto technology for cloud-native application development. A containerized architecture provides a standard approach to split up applications into easily distributed and scalable objects. Architecting applications in this way provides operation teams the flexibility to deploy how they see fit; whether that is on physical or virtual machines, on cloud or on-prem. This flexibility enhances workload management and makes it easier to build systems that are inherently fault-tolerant and elastic. 

As an enterprise-grade developer-friendly container platform, Red Hat OpenShift empowers developers to innovate and gives them the ability to deliver applications to production quicker. Developer needs are addressed with inbuilt tools including developer console, OpenShift Do (odo), CI/CD features and self-service capabilities. An application-centric web console (UI) enables developers to quickly build code, deploy containers and link services. 

Red Hat APAC Business Partner Professional Services

Biqmind App Onboarding Services

Biqmind’s trained specialists can help in these areas


  • ½ day discovery session
  • Understand business objectives, timelines and target applications for modernization and containerization
  • Identify roles and responsibilities and create a stakeholder map
  • Assess existing applications, environments and infrastructure
  • Explore lift and shift possibilities

Define Scope of Work

  • Identify deliverables, timelines, effort estimate and acceptance criteria
  • Create high-level implementation plans that deliver:
    • Analysis of the current architecture
    • Recommendations on organizational changes and practices that support and enable migration
    • Strategies for people, process and technologies
    • An architectural definition that addresses target environments
  • Align on pre-requisites for a seamless implementation


  • Collaborate with developers to understand the technical constraints and dependencies to containerize the application in focus
  • Refactor applications based on Red Hat OpenShift best practices
  • Adopt containerization best practices for enhanced security, build efficiency and improved release cycles

CI/CD Pipeline

  • Design and implement build processes for the containerized application using Source to Image (S2I), Dockerfile or hybrid approaches
  • Integrate third party tools with Red Hat OpenShift based on existing DevOps processes (Nexus / Artifactory / Harbor registries / Gitlab / JIRA / Jenkins)
  • Setup image tagging, deployment, promotion, scanning and signing processes
  • Enable monitoring and alerting
  • Setup blue-green deployment strategies


  • Define a Responsible, Accountable, Consulted and Informed (RACI) matrix
  • Conduct walkthroughs and retrospectives
  • Deliver handover documentation to the relevant stakeholders for the ongoing successful management of applications (Design documents, Journal logs)

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