Biqmind and Red Hat organized our first joint breakfast event where we shared more about why and how to help your business ship faster and scale effortlessly across any cloud by making the shift to OpenShift 4. In case you missed out on attending this event, check out the highlights here, as well as a little more about the the speakers and what you missed:

Containerization and the Enterprise: Where Transformation Gets Real

Biqmind COO Mark Mooney opened the morning session with a brief look at the enterprise need for containerization.


Red Hat OpenShift 4: Introduction, Benefits and Roadmaps

Red Hat’s OpenShift Technical Manager Hendra Sutanto Poh gave our audience the lowdown on OpenShift 4’s technical details.


Red Hat OpenShift 4 Migration: A Practical Primer

Biqmind’s OpenShift expert Chakradhar ‘Chak’ Jonagam wrote a bit about the need for containerisation and the need to shift to OpenShift 4, and in this session he gave a more technical in-depth sharing about how he orchestrated the migration from OpenShift 3 to OpenShift 4.


DevSecOps for Containerized Workloads

Finally, Biqmind’s Enablement Director Vinod Narayanankutty closed the session with a quick look at DevSecOps.


Thanks again to our four speakers and everyone who took the time to join us for this session.

Speakers (L to R): Mark Mooney (Chief Operations Officer, Biqmind), Vinod Narayanankutty (Enablement Director, Biqmind), Chakradhar Jonagam (Head Software Architect, Biqmind), Hendra Sutanto Poh (Technical Marketing Manager, Red Hat)
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