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Address your resource challenges in modern technologies and lean innovation with Biqmind’s cloud native specialists

We bridge knowledge gaps across core areas and connect the dots between strategy and execution, to ensure your organization has the right roadmaps, know-how and resources to rapidly turn ideas into market-making digital products.

Our focus areas include:




Project Management

Specialist Areas

People &

• Adopting DevSecOps
• Development Methods 
• Test-Driven Development
• Site Reliability Engineering
• Project Management
• Process Management
• Product Management

Products &

• Cloud Native
• Distributed System
• User Research
• Product Design
• User Interface Design
• Product Ownership
• Event Driven Design
• Behavior Driven Design

Technologies & Implementation

• Agile
• Project Management
• Process Management
• Containerization
• Microservices
• QA & Test Automation
• Cloud/Container Migration
• Distributed/Edge System
• Cloud Native
• Design/Implementation
• Infrastructure/Pipelines as Code
• DevSecOps
• Full Stack Development
• High Availability System (Scalability)
• Rapid Application Development

Specialist Roles

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