As part of the Azure Apps Webinar Series, on 29 April, our Head Software Architect, Chakradhar “Chak” Jonagam spoke from our own development team’s experience about the challenges of Microservices development and how developers can optimize their development experience in Kubernetes and the Azure Kubernetes Service. Some highlights from the webinar:

Microservices Development Challenges:

  • Microservices development has a lot of moving parts. This translates to significant time required to set up a proper development environment for all the running services
  • Developer laptops are more often than not, not suited for microservices development
  • Kubernetes is a work-in-progress when it comes to microservices development. There is no standard set of tools for developers to carry out their day to day work which means developers need to spend time to explore and learn new tools
  • Current solutions are tedious making even small changes painful to implement
  • Setting up dependency services such to optimize development is hard, requiring significant bootstrapping time
  • Debugging is hard with microservices and that complexity doubles with containers

What a Great Microservices Development Environment looks like:

  • Set up and onboarding process does not take more than 30 minutes
  • Replicates the production environment as closely as possible
  • Optimized for developers to run efficiently on their laptops
  • Supports easy feature branching so developers can work independently
  • Provides central location to review information and do de-bugging across multiple services and logs

Watch the webinar by Chak to learn more about possible approaches to microservices development and the path that Biqmind’s software development team took.

Chak’s presentation is also available here.

Chak's Azure Microservices Webinar for Microsoft

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