Making Cloud-Native Possible

Biqmind is on a mission to make life easier for companies, teams and developers seeking to be cloud-native. 

 We enable execution of new approaches and augment skills, closing the gaps that are holding back strategies to push ahead with transformation and application modernization efforts. 

Biqmind provides specialist services and software tools to make cloud-native possible. 

Biqmind Specialist Services

Biqmind Specialist Services

Discovery Workshops

Discovery Workshops

Tailored and focused programs that result in practical goals, use cases and action plans delivered in 1 to 3 days. We cover crucial transformation topics that are not widely understood, such as Containerization, Microservices, App Modernization, Cloud-native Applications, DevSecOps and Kubernetes. These workshops are targeted at teams moving from “zero-to-one” in transformation. Our workshops can be technology or industry specific.

Advisory and Resource Augmentation

Advisory & Resource Augmentation

Experienced specialists in Software Architecture, DevSecOps, Software Development and Project Management that advise and work alongside client teams on defining and adopting the people, technology and process changes required for transformation.


Implementation Services

Implementation, migration and app onboarding of leading cloud-native platforms such as Red Hat® OpenShift®, Microsoft® Azure Kubernetes Services, Cloud Container Engine (CCE) on HUAWEI CLOUD, Alibaba Cloud and Tencent Kubernetes Engine (TKE).

Biqmind Software Tools

Biqmind Software Tools

Biqmind Cape

CAPE™ radically simplifies advanced Kubernetes functionalities such as multi-cluster application deployment, CI/CD, ingress/DNS routing, and disaster recovery across clouds and on-premise. 

Containerization is a key pillar for organizations deploying applications across multiple environments. Kubernetes has emerged as the de-facto container orchestrator but its advanced functionality requires expert knowledge.

DevOps teams rely on CAPE to deploy and manage applications in hybrid cloud environments efficiently and in compliance with enterprise operating requirements.

Platforms Supported



Our focus and expertise has resulted in partnerships with leading global cloud service and technology providers to help their customers accelerate their cloud-native journey.

Microsoft Azure
Red Hat APAC Business Partner Professional Services
LanternEdge Pte Ltd
Alibaba Cloud
Tencent Cloud

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