Making Cloud Native Possible

through technical advisory, delivery and tools

Biqmind is on a mission to make cloud native application development possible. 

Focusing on key areas where the learning curve is steep, we empower organizations to make the most of cloud technologies and approaches, to run and scale their applications. 

We enable execution of new approaches and augment skills, closing the gaps that are holding back strategies to push ahead with transformation and application modernization efforts.


Biqmind is a Microsoft Gold Partner and a Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) Silver Member

Why work with Biqmind?

Domain Specialists

Everything we do is focused on enabling cloud native. You benefit from a team that works across projects and product development in key cloud native areas.


We deliver technology that enables value for business. We provide solutions that drive real impact. Our customers gain increased agility, economies of scale, improved reach and optimization.

One team mentality

Our mindset is partnership focused. We work as your extended team, bringing our experience, the latest practical know-how and solutions to your specific context.

Flexible talent and scale

The best of cloud native talent sits globally and that is reflected by our distributed team which sits across three continents. Active talent management and a deep ecosystem allows us to flexibly activate talent with specific domain expertise.

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